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Jim Reed


Jim literally grew up building homes in Prescott, AZ with his family. Jim's father is well known in the community as a man of great integrity.This trait rest at the very core of Reed Brothers Construction, LLC business philosophy. His commitment to integrity can be seen in the fact that, after almost 15 years the company has maintained a spotless record with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Jim also has a background in real estate and has served as a consultant for several of the largest builders in the Prescott area. His real passion is bringing peoples dreams to life. He feels there is nothing like seeing a clients excitement as their family begins to enjoy one of the company's completed projects.

Tom Reed

Tom Reed

Project & Construction Manager

Tom was also born and raised in Prescott. He, like Jim grew up on job sites building homes with their parents. Tom loves working closely with homeowners, and his eye for detail makes him the perfect fit to make sure your job goes smoothly and exceeds your expectations. Good enough, just isn't describes Tom perfectly. You will never here him say... it's good enough. Tom has the unique ability to both supervise and do the hands on work necessary to bring your project to completion. Tom was recently featured in Pro Remodeler's 40 Under 40.

Jason J.

Construction Team Leader

Jason came to us with almost 20 years of construction experience and has been a huge asset since his first day on the job. Like Tom, he has an uncanny ability to perform even the most complex task at a very high level. We have no doubt that you will be incredibly happy to have Jason working on your project.

Will S.

Construction Team Leader

When we received Will's resume we were very impressed. We were able to speak with his previous employer, and the first words out of his mouth were "I wish he still worked for us". Those words have proven to be true. Will's attention to detail and work ethic are second to none, and we are incredibly fortunate to have him as an integral part of our team.

Herb R.

Construction Team Leader

Herb brings over 30 years of construction experience to our team. He is an expert in all the trims and finishes. His vast construction knowledge gives him the ability to see issues before them become problems. As a journeyman drywall and painting expert, Herb helps bring a excellence to our finished product.

John K.

Construction Team Leader

John has over a decade of construction experience. He started in the roofing and insulation fields and later became the facility manager for a large multi-family complex. In his former position he was in charge of construction services and repairs for almost 70 apartments. We are very fortunate to have John as a part of the crew.